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Cielo Spiritual Foundation

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Cielo Spiritual Foundation is formed from love with the purpose of raising the highest vibrations of positivity, uplifting our spiritual thoughts and leads with love and compassion.


Our Principles

1. We move forward together as a community inspiring positive force and global transformation creating extraordinary change.

2. We mirror similar spiritual experiences and shed light to help each other on our journeys.

3. We highlight personality traits to help us evolve and grow.

4. We support and love one another to help turn weaknesses into strengths.

5. We balance our energies and share different sides of life to allow others to not feel alone on their journey.

6. We find patience, understanding, and compassion for others.

7. We help others in their healing and letting go of certain events and emotions.

8. We work together to create and brainstorm ideas, bringing visions into the light.

9. We guide one another with love on the right path.

10. We advance our souls and souls' journeys.

11. We work together to support our global causes and create bigger visions.

12. We step in whenever needed and extend our hearts to whoever needs us.






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Meet The



Michele Garcia is The Founder of Cielo Spiritual Foundation.  She is dedicated in helping others to connect with their spiritual path.






Learn about upcoming spiritual retreats and stay connected.  We invite you to view dates and retreat brochures.

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