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Spiritual Reviews

Spiritual Booster


For anyone needing a spiritual booster or just connecting with others who are staying in tune, don't miss the next Cielo Spiritual Retreat in Sky Valley, near Palm Springs, CA. For anyone out of town, lodging is available as well as mineral baths!  Such a great experience today, just what I needed!   Multiple workshops and crystal bowl meditations.


-Marissa Katrin M.


Feeling Inspired


I had an amazing time at Cielo's Spirirual Retreat. Such a welcoming environment and I met so many great people. I left feeling so inpired! I can't wait to bring my fiance back to experience it. I will definitely be recommending this spiritual retreat to everyone I know!


-Macey Suzanne

Good for the Soul


This spiritual retreat was what I've been needing for a long long time. Located in sky valley, it was so nice to get away from the city to a beautiful oasis. The workshops were very educational and I am now a huge fan of sound baths. Plan to attend every three months. Good for the soul.


-Josh K.

Magical Experience
Michele, thank you so much from the depths of my heart and soul for the most magical experience!! smile emoticon You are such a gracious host, and the hospitality was so blessed! I honor you for being such a caring caregiver for those with addictions, being the most fabulous Sound Bath provider, and thank you so much for opening your heart/ and home to us all for this most magical experience!
-Doron  K.


THANK YOU for an AMAZING weekend!! You are an INCREDIBLE woman and I am SO HAPPY to KNOW you, and I am SO GRATEFUL to you for opening up your home to us and for SHINING your LIGHT and SHARING your GIFTS with us!! I am OVERWHELMED by the LOVE that was present at ONE LOVE FEST this weekend!! It was LIFE-CHANGING, and I just can't express how GRATEFUL I am!! You ROCK my Friend!! And your SOUND BATH!! WOW!!! What an EXPERIENCE!!! Your LIGHT can fill that entire SKY!! BLESS YOU my Friend and I can't wait to see you again!! XoXo!!
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