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Meet The Founder

Meet the Founder

Early in my own recovery I realized I want to help others with their healing process.


I founded a sober living center in Malibu before going on to work in business development at Oceanside Treatment Center. I did interventions to place clients in treatment best suited for them. Inspired to learn more about therapeutic work, I enrolled in University of Santa Monica Spiritual Psychology Masters Program. After graduating, I was asked to facilitate groups along with consulting at the Malibu Treatment Center. That experience led me to founding and licensing a women's holistic treatment center. I was the executive director.


Armed with that experience and a strong desire to bring spiritual healing to the drug and alcohol recovery industry, I forged a place for myself among the top leaders of the industry.


I have formed many outside partnerships in an effort to further enrich and broaden the sober experience for my clients. Including

interventionists, therapists, detox and treatment centers, aftercare programs including Cielo Sober Living Co-Ed, healers and practitioners, naturopathic doctors, life coaches and case management specialists.


I chair the Riverside County Sober Living Coalition Desert Chapter and I do a free sound healing every Sunday afternoon at my sober living facility. 


Recently I have invested my time in creating a nonprofit that will extend my reach beyond the desert communities and further my commitment to the holistic treatment and spiritual growth of all those suffering from drug and alcohol abuse.

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